Qualities of a Great Expat Accommodation in Phnom Penh

You do not want to have a horrible experience as an expat in Phnom Penh just because of bad accommodation. Phnom Penh is a great place to live, but you should look for an expat friendly hotel for you to stay. Thus, you should consider finding a few qualities of good accommodation, which could help you make the most out of your new life in the city.

an expat friendly hotel

Qualities of a Fantastic Hotel for Expatriates

If you are searching for a hotel in Phnom Penh where you can stay as an expatriate, here are a few qualities you should look for:

Sufficient Amenities

A good hotel for expats has complete amenities that could satisfy your basic needs. Of course, it should have cozy rooms with bed and showers, and it should have enough furniture and appliances too. This could include stuff like fridge and coffee machine, and even a television for entertainment.

Complete Services

Such types of hotels should also have enough services to cater the needs of expat guests. You should look for a hotel with a good dining area in its vicinity, and with a great maintenance team to keep your room clean.  Of course, round-the-clock front desk staff should be present as well.

Safety and Security

Regardless of you being an expat or not, you should find a hotel that has complete safety and security features. It should have sufficient security personnel to monitor the area, and it would be more favorable if CCTV cameras are up 24/7. Moreover, safety features like fire extinguishers and a fire exit are certainly big pluses.

Entertainment, Leisure and Unwinding Areas

You probably chose to be an expat because of a career venture, or if you simply want to retire on some other place outside your home country. This could be stressful at some point, especially that you are far from your loved ones. Thus, you should look for an expat friendly hotel with enough leisure, entertainment and unwinding facilities for you to have a good time.

That could include stuff like a swimming pool, a gym, a yoga class, sports and recreation centers, an art gallery and so much more. For instance, the YK Art House could be a great expat hotel in Phnom Penh, simply because of the great experience it can provide to its guests.

Convenient Location

You should find a great place to stay in Phnom Penh that has a convenient and favorable location for you. If you are there because of job reassignment and relocation, for example, you should look for accommodation near your workplace to avoid hassles.

Affordable and Reasonable Price Rates

Of course, you should look for a very nice place to stayas an expat with reasonable rates. This is important, especially that you’ll be staying there for quite a long time. Moreover, you can also talk with a friend who would go to the same location as you, so you can plan to share a suite and have favorable expenses.

Take note of these points for you to find an expat friendly hotel where you can stay. This can help you enjoy your new place, without too many worries. On that note, you can also check out the YK Art House if you’re planning to live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.